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Dry Cleaning

CILS offers a variety of dry cleaning machines and systems engineered to improve results and profits at dry cleaning plants throughout the area. Our product offering includes Forenta, Unipress, Real Star and Multimatic.


Forenta steam-air finishing machines, garment presses and conveyers are engineered for longevity and unrivaled results. They produce a superior finish using less labor and time.

Mulimatic Corporation

Multimatic Dry Cleaning Machines blend the latest technologies and microprocessors with the safest ways of cleaning for unrivaled results. As closed-system machines, Multimatics are safer for operators and the environment.

Real-Star, USA

Real Star Dry Cleaning Machines, available in 35- to 165-pound capacities, come in models that use perchloroethylene, alternative solvents or multiwash (wetclean/dry clean) cleaning methods. A variety of dry cleaning machines are available to fit particular production, space and labor needs.


Unipress offers a variety of dry cleaning presses and finishing equipment for superior results in significantly less time. Microprocessor controls offer ease of use and programmability, while quality construction delivers unmatched durability.